Measuring a radiator

How to measure a radiator

How to measure a car radiator core

There are two basic types of radiator design. They are distinguished from one
another by the direction of the coolant flow and location of the two end tanks.

Before you measure the size of the radiator, make certain that the radiator is
in upright position with the filler-neck (if it has one) opening facing upward, then
determine whether it is a down-flow or crossflow type.

When measuring either type, you will actually be measuring the core only.
The core is the central part of the radiator (between the tanks and the side
pieces) and consists of parallel rows of tubes and fins.

MEASURE ONLY THE CORE to determine the size of the radiator.

DOWNFLOW Type radiator

In the downflow radiator, the coolant flows from the top tank downward to the bottom tank.

h = Core Height
w = Core Width
d = Core Depth

CROSSFLOW Type radiator

In the crossflow type, the tanks are located at either side, and the coolant
flows across the radiator horizontally from tank to tank.

h = Core Height
w = Core Width
d = Core Depth

All radiator dimensions listed are

height x width x depth